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STOW iT Utility Holder - Large Rhino Rack

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The STOW iT Utility Holder (Large) has been designed to provide the most secure load carrying solution for a high lift jack, or any other item too long to place in the vehicle. This is the big brother to the popular Utility Holder (Regular) so it can carry more - two shovels, multiple fishing rods or a spade/axe combo. The STOW iT Utility Holder (large) is compatible with Rhino-Rack's most popular systems - the Pioneer Platforms, Reconn-Deck, Vortex & Heavy Duty Cross Bars.



  • Strong enough to carry a high lift jack safely with the specifically designed inserts and locking pin. The innovative dampened opening of the Utility Holder ensures safe removal of a High Lift Jack.
  • Includes universal inserts to carry multiple items such as fishing rods, spade and axe combination or a pair of paddles
  • The STOW iT Utility Holder - Large can be mounted flat using the new patented Zwifloc channel nuts or hung from the side using the Stow iT base bracket. Stow iT Base bracket is sold separately
  • Directly fits Pioneer, the Reconn-Deck system, Vortex and HD bars
  • The included Zwifloc channel nuts allow the STOW iT Utility Holder to be placed anywhere without moving other accessories
  • The STOW iT mounting brackets provide quick and easy removal and storage of accessories when not in use
  • City crash and static load tested to ISO standards
  • Extensive durability testing has been carried out to ensure safety
    Key lockable & MasterKey Compatible
  • Contents include: 2 x brackets, 2 x sets high lift jack inserts, 2 x sets universal inserts, Zwifloc channel nuts and hardware