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Kinetic 3m Recovery Rope - By MAXTRAX

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The MAXTRAX Kinetic Recovery Ropes are designed, as their name suggests, to be the kinetic element during a vehicle recovery. They produce increased kinetic power compared to traditional flat snatch straps, with up to 30% elongation providing a smoother, far safer recovery.

This extra stretch makes a big difference. When the rope becomes taught, it is gentler on the vehicles and the elastic rebound is more robust and more effective.

The result is vehicles are far less likely to be damaged, steering & other components are protected and the chance of equipment failure is now significantly reduced.

  • Materials: Nylon 66 and Polyester

These lengths can be joined with the MAXTRAX Core Shackle, eliminating the use of traditional steel shackles. Creating far safer recoveries.

The MAXTRAX Kinetic Recovery Ropes come in a variety of lengths. 

The longer lengths are ideal for the scenario where the recovering vehicle needs to get out ahead to firmer ground.

The shorter lengths are suitable for tighter tracks and when more creative thinking is required to affect a recovery.