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Hitch 50 Recovery Hitch - By MAXTRAX

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The MAXTRAX Hitch 50 is designed as a towbar mounted recovery point exclusively for use with soft shackles. As more travellers replace some of the hard shackles in their kit for soft ones, the MAXTRAX Hitch creates another safe opportunity for us to use them.

  • Allows multidirectional pull in both vertical and horizontal axis
  • Weight: 1.45 kg
  • WLL: 8,800 kg
  • Destructive Test Break Load: 44,000 kg / 97,003 lbs
  • Crafted from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminium. It’s over-engineered with purpose, the idea being that it’s far safer to have the weakest point in the system as a synthetic part rather than a metal one.
  • Towbar/Hitch Fitment: Fits standard 50mm / 2 inch tow hitch receivers
  • Australian designed, engineered and tested.

Standard recovery hitches and other recovery points are generally designed for use with hard shackles. The issue here, is generally if a soft shackle is used with these, the corners at either side could significantly weaken the shackle.

By engineering a hitch to be used exclusively with soft shackles the team at MAXTRAX have made a hitch with an extremely large curve radius to ensure it doesn’t weaken the soft shackle it is paired with.