iDRIVE Throttle Controllers

 iDRIVE is a throttle enhancement device that connects in minutes, yet gives you complete control over the responsiveness of your vehicle.

Your late model car, or ute uses a fly-by –wire accelerator pedal system that is designed to take into consideration all manner of inputs before the computer responds by opening the throttle. This causes unexpected delays, and is annoying, if not at times, dangerous.

The ECU must consider Torque management, Engine pinging, atmospheric conditions, and many more parameters. Built ‘for the masses” they don’t take into consideration YOU the driver. That’s right, you have now been relegated to just one of many inputs. Take back the control with an iDRIVE. Give yourself the freedom to adjust the driving characteristics of your RV, Car or Ute now!

Cure the associated delay with an iDRIVE unit. You’ll be glad you did.

The iDRIVE remains completely adjustable, and rather than negating the need for a tune, the iDRIVE actually enhances them.


If your vehicle model is not listed below please check out the iDrive code finder here 

then simply contact us with the code and we can get that sorted for you.