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Tie Down Strap with Hook (x2) Rhino-Rack

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The Tie Down Strap with Hook is designed to be used with Rhino-Rack Eye Bolt Kits to strap down accessories. The hooks can be used to secure loads to fixtures up to 25mm in diameter or mesh wire. The strap itself is 3m / 118 inches in length.



  • Contains 2 x Tie Down Strap with Hook
  • Strap length is 3m / 118 inches in length
  • Strong and sturdy design boasting a 225kg / 496Ibs lashing capacity (1.5mm think webbing)
  • 7mm forged steel with PBAX plastic dip polymer coated hooks
  • Resistant to damage from the elements, these straps have been tested in the harshest environments
  • Injection moulded TPV rubber buckle protector protects your load and vehicle from dents and scratches 
  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Can be hooked on items of up to 25mm / 1" cylindrical diameter
  • Ideal for use with; Pioneer Eye Bolt Kit (43178), Eye Bolt Kit (REB) or Vortex EyeBolt (S604)
  • Can be used with Mesh Baskets and Platforms provided the large bars are used as fixture points and not the mesh.