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Smart Bar ARB

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A SpartanBar is the original SmartBar – the bar that saved our fleet of trucks so much downtime and vehicle repair costs that we made it a brand. The SpartanBar is our original polymer-based bull bar and the first of its kind, made in Australia.


Using a flexible, resilient and incredibly durable polyethyene material our cutting-edge design and rotational moulding process creates a bull bar for you that offers unsurpassed levels of safety.

Independent research conducted by the University of Adelaide in relation to bull bar performance confirmed that our SpartanBar outperforms all other frontal vehicle protection systems available.

How does it achieve this?

The extra strong, one-piece, hollow bodied bar has the unique ability to flex, absorb and disperse impact energy forces, then return back to the original shape. In many cases our bull bars can flex up to 85% of their width and return back to 95% of their original shape in a matter of minutes of an animal strike.

This is a feature that is unique to the SmartBar range and what minimises the impact forces being transferred through your vehicle’s chassis rails and potentially damaging vital engine components.

It does all of this in many cases at a weight 40kg lighter than any metal alternative.

With a SpartanBar fitted to your vehicle, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.