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MSA Drop Down Fridge Slide DS60

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MSA Drop Down Fridge Slide



  • Compact size won't decrease storage space in your vehicle.
  • No drawer disassembly required to install the slide.
  • Designed to swing smoothly out further past the vehicle tailgate, providing easy and convenient access to the contents of your fridge from its complete front and side.
  • Unique lock-in lock-out safety feature.
  • Heavy duty 200kg slide runner rating.
  • Tie down straps & all fixings included as standard.
  • Stainless steel & blue anodised handle and face plate.
  • Pre-drilled holes in the tray provide convenience in accommodating most popular fridges.

Part Number: DS60

MSA 4X4's DS60 Fridge Drop Slide™ is an innovative, patented design which allows you to safely lower your fridge, providing easy, convenient access to its contents.

The Drop Slide™ is designed to slide smoothly out from its stowed position, before lowering 30cm in a safe and easy motion. This allows for the tray to remain in a horizontal position through the entire motion. The DS60 allows for complete access to the front and side of your fridge. It also offers a compact design which will not decrease storage space in your vehicle.

The refined, patented design of our DS60 Drop Slide™ features 1000NM quality gas struts, providing safe, easy lifting and lowering for loads up to an incredible 200kg. Now you can fill your fridge and access it with ease!

*Please note this item does not ship to rural or remote areas