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Be friendly to the environment without losing power and efficiency! GreenCare Tabs cause no mess and are a fast acting, highly-effective additive for the waste holding tank. These pre-measured tabs come in a handy tub that saves on storage space and money.
  • An environmentally friendly toilet tab that doesn't cost the earth
  • The dose is pre-measured – preventing overdose and waste
  • No spills or mess
  • Suitable for all portable and cassette toilets
  • Fast breakdown of waste without the build-up of unpleasant gas or odours
  • Ready to use tabs in a soluble film
  • Lighter in weight and less cumbersome than liquids

Protecting our environment is an important issue and especially so when camping. Dometic GreenCare Tabs are an environmentally friendly toilet additive that help to protect our surroundings without compromising on power or efficiency. They are highly effective, soluble sanitation tablets made from eco-safe materials and come ready to use

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