Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring 3m x 3m

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Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring 3m x 3m High-Density Weave 

- Material: 100% High Density Poly Ethylene - anti UV and colour stabilisation properties. 280GSM 
- Type: Woven raschel sew 
- Dimensions: 3m x 3m 

Large 3m x 3m size - Dirt and sand falls through but Special weave stops it coming back up, 12 pegging eyelets, won’t kill grass, durable and quick drying polyethylene. 

SPECIAL WEAVE DESIGN - Woven with 280GSM High Density Polyethylene, dirt, sand and water will slip through and won't work their way back through 

TOUGH - 100% High Density Polyethylene that offers excellent anti UV properties as well as strength and longevity, this is one bit of gear that won't mind being walked all over!

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