Signature Camper Trailers

The Elite Signature off road camper trailer is built tough and will follow you just about anywhere and take you to the places you could only dream of. We want you to get out and explore more of this beautiful country, this camper is feature packed making it perfect for short or longer trips either off-road or at one of the many great campsites around New Zealand.

Whether you are bringing the kids, friends or family or just want to get out there on your own the Elite Signature Camper Trailer has you sorted. With storage galore, a table, a 4 burner pull out gas cooker this camper affords you time in the great outdoors with all the comforts you need.


Getting you off the beaten track

Holidaying locally offers so many advantages such as more frequent getaways and access to the beautiful camping sites scattered around the country. But why limit your outdoor experience to just the camping grounds when adventure and nature’s beauty can be found off-road at our many lakes, rivers and nature areas. This means your camper trailer needs to have the capability to withstand the journey with all the creature comforts to make your adventures more enjoyable. Signature Camper Trailers are a comfortable, high-quality design that are built to last while still remaining affordable for the average family budget.


Signature Camper Trailers have worked very closely with Wholesale Suspension to ensure the trailers suspension is up to the task of combating the Australian outback and New Zealand off-road tracks.  To ensure this, they have tweaked many of the parts in the swing arms, shocks, grease points, and more.  They have hand selected Powerdown shocks for the trailers. The shocks are Australian designed, USA manufactured and come highly recommended as they offer the right characteristics to deal with tough off-road conditions. 

Why is that important?

The superior tri-valve setup gives good rebound/upstroke to control bounce whilst at the same time good compression characteristics required to deal with soaking up bumps on corrugated dirt roads. The focus on these two elements ensures your investment in our trailers will endure.This is only the start of their attention to detail.

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