Ultimate 5 Bar Camp Light Kit

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Ultimate 5 Bar Camp Light Kit

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This is the ultimate kit to light up any campsite!

12V 5 Bar LED Camp Light Kit


This high quality kit features:

3x 500mm Black aluminium, White light bars with inbuilt magnets 

2x 500mm Black aluminium Orange/White  light bars with inbuilt magnets

The orange light can reduce the bug presence by up 90%!

1x Orange to White light switch with dimmer

1x White light dimmer switch

3 meter extension cable to 12v power outlet

12v outlet to battery clamp adapter 

2x 5 Meter extension leads

1x 3.5 Meter extension lead

2x 2.5 Meter extension lead

2x 3 Meter Orange/White extension leads

1x Nylon carry case

1x 4 way splitter for white LED's

1x 2 way splitter for Orange/White LED's

8x Velcro straps for mounting

20x Cable ties for mounting

Completely waterproof

Get your campsite lit up and keep the bugs away with the Orange LED! With many different mounting and extension options this kit will work for you.

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