Powertech 180L/MIN Mega-Flow Air Compressor

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Powertech 180L/MIN Mega-Flow Air Compressor



DC current rating : 45.0A

DC Voltage : 12.0V

Length : 345mm

Width : 150mm

Height : 215mm

Cable length : 5.0m

Included hose : 5.0m

Pressure Measurement Range : 150.0PSI

Available Pressure Units : PSI

Max Airflow : 180.0L/min


* Power: 12VDC
* Gauge: 150PSI
* Current: 45A
* Max pressure: 150psi
* Power: 540W
* Max air flow: 180L per minute
* Hose: 5m PA Hose
* Dimensions: 345(L) x 215(H) x 150(W)mm

- Powerful air compressor for pumping up 4x4 and car tires
- inflatable boats, air beds, etc
- Automatic thermal cut-out for added protection
- Cleanable air filters to keep the units free from contaminants
- Heavy duty battery clamps
- Extendable coil hose
- Anti-vibration mounting feet
- Foam grip handle
- Accessory nozzles for pumping bike tires, balls, etc
- Black carry bag.

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